Toronto Implant Academy | Additional CE Courses
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Additional CE Courses

2018 Additional CE Courses

Take advantage of specialized courses by world-class speakers.

Sign up early, as many seminars sell out.

Dr. Lawrence I. Gaum
(Toronto, Calgary, Niagara, Ottawa)

Dr. J. Ostos & Dr. E. De Aguiar
(Markham, ON)

Dr. Rony Dagher
(Markham, ON)

Dr. Gerardo Chacon
(Markham, ON)

Dr. Les Priemer
(Markham, ON)

Dr. Allen Aptekar
David Istzer, DD
(Toronto, ON)

Dr. Waji Khan & Dr. Mark Bishara
(Markham, ON)


Mastering The Four Different Veneer Systems

Dr. Ed Philips